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The Power of Information

Intelligence/Market Research Overview


Norton Commercial Agents have unparalleled access to the latest commercial real estate information and trends that are essential to helping our clients make informed decisions. Our commercial agents also grant additional proprietary access to the most comprehensive data in the Northeast Georgia region to our active client relationships.

Norton Native Intelligence™ is a unique and powerful tool employed by Norton to power our client’s purchases, investments and portfolio strategies. This 30 year statistical database is sought out by relocating businesses, investors and developers alike. The material is modeled to strategically position banking, medical, retail, residential and industrial development and to provide a deeper understanding of ever-changing market dynamics.

Clients as diverse as Hall County School System, Valentine Farms, Northeast Georgia Medical Center, United Community Bank, Wendy’s, Wal-mart and Publix use the ever changing stream of data to secure strategic opportunities and better anticipate future growth directions.

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